There are four agro-industrial facilities in the City.  The three large-scale farm industries are Supra Feeds (Barangay Paulog), Dreamland Farms and Emerald Farms (both in Barangay Batang).  A medium-scale feedmill and poultry farm, R. PALANCA, is also operating in Barangay Batang. The feedmill supplies the feed requirements of livestock and poultry growers in the City, the rest of Albay and even parts of Samar Province.

There are also numerous agro-industrial establishments, albeit operating on small-scale bases. These are mostly piggery and poultry farms, “comprada” warehousing, organic fertilizer plants, rice mills, etc.  Other industries include ice plant and cocoa manufacturing. Rice mills are usually family-owned except for two, one of which is owned by the National Food Authority.


Development Needs

The agro-industrial land area requirement, based on standards of the HLURB, totals about 341 hectares.  This is a mid-range area if compared to light industrial requirements of about 109 has. and heavy industrial requirements of about 546 has.  Ligao, however, does not contemplate the establishment of the latter. 


Goal and Objectives


- To diversify the local economy through agro-industrial growth.


  • To develop a Provincial Agro-Industrial Center (Ecozone) in Barangay Paulog ;
  • To conduct annual investors’ fairs in time with the town fiesta; and
  • To create a City Investment Code.



  • Lobby with the Provincial Government for the establishment of a Provincial Agro-Industrial Center; and
  • Secure the support of DTI and private business in promoting the investments
Ligao City Development Partners