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By Linda B. Bolido
Philippine Daily Inquirer

LIGAO Mayor Linda P. Gonzales has just allocated P738, 000 of her city's funds to a project with nothing to show for it at least not yet. There will not even be big, blank spaces, like on waiting sheds, for writing in big, bold letters the words Another project of the Mayor.

Even more remarkable is the fact that this is the mayor's last term. She could have simply sat out the three years until the next elections.

But the mayor would not have it any other way. The results may not be quite visible but they (represent) the fundamentals for development, she said. You cannot develop a place without competent human resource.

While other government officials, both local and national, loudly and repeatedly proclaim their commitment to promote quality education while doing little to advance the cause, Gonzalez is not only mouthing the words she is putting money where her mouth is.


Bicol Public Schools Get to Text and Teach

LIGAO CITY, Philippines — Barely four years after super typhoon “Reming” devastated towns and cities at the foothills of the famous Mayon volcano, the Bicol region is back on its feet and thriving.

Instead of international aid and disaster response teams perennially descending on Bicolandia’s doorsteps to respond to SOS, donor organizations are now coming in to take advantage of the region’s well laid out cellular and network infrastructure.

This week, the widely popular Text2Teach program, a global education initiative conceptualized by an alliance composed of, among others, Nokia, International Youth Foundation, Pearson and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in 2003, was officially launched in the region, with 24 public elementary schools in this city named as the first beneficiaries of the program.

During the launch, the public schools received a Text2Teach package containing a Nokia N86 mobile phone equipped with the Nokia Education Delivery (NED) software, a Globe prepaid SIM card, and a 29-inch color television from Kolin Philippines International.

Under the program, a trained teacher in any of the 24 Text2Teach schools will be able to download educational videos in English, Math and Science on their Nokia phone via short messaging system (SMS) or text message. By linking the phone to the television set, the video can be viewed by the class.


InfRES Subprojects in Ligao City

Ligao Subprojects Brief

Ligao in the southern Luzon province of Albay, Philippines, is a mainly rural area of about 250 square kilometers with agriculture as the dominant economic activity. Coconut is the dominant cash crop followed by rice and corn. Root crops such as cassava and sweet potato, and vegetables, peanuts, bananas and ginger are also widely grown. Approximately 85% of Ligao’s total population of 100,000 earns a living directly or indirectly from farming. Ligao is a fourth income class city (P120 million to P180 million based on the 2005 Department of Finance classification). It became a city on March 24, 2001.

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