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ORDINANCE No. 2011-015, Date Enacted (08/1/2011)
An ordinance approving the creation positions at the Office of the Mayor to streamline the present staffing pattern of her office, to wit; (1) Executive Assistant 1; (2) Private Secretary II; (3) Security Agent II.

ORDINANCE No. 2011-014, Date Enacted (07/25/2011)
An ordinance approving the realignment of some MOOE item in the appropriation of the Sangguniang Panlungsod in the amount of three hundred thousand pesos (P300,000.00) from travelling allowance-foreign to training expenses.

ORDINANCE No. 2011-013, Date Enacted (07/4/2011)
An ordinance approving the amendments of Ordinance No. 2008-016 imposing a tricycle fare increase of one peso (1) across the board to the different routes of the City of Ligao.

ORDINANCE No. 2011-012, Date Enacted (06/27/2011)
An ordinance approving the revised rates of 2011 plantilla positions and authorizing the release of the corresponding funding requirement pursuant to E.O. 900 implemented under LBC 95 for the 2nd tranche salary schedule for LGU personnel effective January 1, 2011 amounting to six million five hundred fifty five thousand (PH 5,555,000) to be taken from the lump sum appropriation under the special purpose fund of the 2011 annual executive budget.

ORDINANCE No. 2011-011, Date Enacted (06/22/2011)
Children's Code. A comprehensive code for the welfare of children in Ligao City and support systems thereof and other purposes to protect the rights of chilldren.

ORDINANCE No. 2011-010, Date Enacted (6/13/2011)
An ordinance approving the application of Salvador Polidario for a simple subdivision of a parcel of land situated at Barangay Pandan, Ligao City with an area of more or less 13, 170 square meters covered by TCT No. T-128024 (Lot 2 of the consolidated subdivision survey PCS-05-001992 being portion of lots, 8878 & 8879, Cad- 239, Ligao Cadastre).

ORDINANCE No. 2011-009, Date Enacted (6/13/2011)
An ordinance approving the creation of two (2) assistant government department head with a salary grade 23 to be sourced from CY 2011 lump sum appropriation for benefits, such as: 1)Assistant City Accountant and Assistant City Internal Auditor.

ORDINANCE No. 2011-008, Date Enacted (5/30/2011)
An ordinance regulating the use and size of stall (papag) of the transient vendors at the Ligao City Public Market.

ORDINANCE No. 2011-007, Date Enacted (5/16/2011)
An ordinance granting franchise to RRJMC Corporation to establish, operate, and maintain a cockpit in the west section of the City of Ligao as per ordinance No. 2010-017.

ORDINANCE No. 2011-006, Date Enacted (3/7/2011)
An ordinance regulating the manufacture, sale, distribution/possession or use of firecrackers or other pyrotechnic devices and such other similar devices and the exploding of firecrackers and other explosive within the City of Ligao in order to preserve public order and safety, peace and internal security of the constituency.

ORDINANCE No. 2011-005, Date Enacted (2/28/2011)
An ordinance strengthening the City Risk Reduction and Management System and institutionalizing the City Risk Reduction Management Plan, appropriating funds thereof, and for other purposes.

ORDINANCE No. 2011-004, Date Enacted (7/28/2011)
An ordinance prohibiting the use, sale, distribution and advertisement of cigarettes and other tobacco products in certain places, imposing penalties for violations thereof and providing funds thereof and for other purposes.

ORDINANCE No. 2011-003, Date Enacted (2/21/2011)
An ordinance supplementing the 2007 Revised Revenue and Tax Code particularly Article VII, Section 82 under the caption bicycle, pedicab and tricycle regulatory fees and charges for tricycle and pedicab used as a service vehicle.

ORDINANCE No. 2011-002, Date Enacted (2/7/2011)
An ordinance providing for an ecological solid waste management, creating the necessary institutional mechanisms and incentives, declaring certain acts prohibited and providing penalties, appropriating funds therefore, and for other purposes.

ORDINANCE No. 2011-001, Date Enacted (1/17/2011)
A Resolution enacting an ordinance to extend the time of payment of business taxes, fees, and other charges without surcharges or penalties in the City of Ligao from January 20, up to January 31, 2011.

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