Proposed Investment Projects

Construction of Ligao City Multi-Modal Transport Terminal

Construction of a terminal building complete with commercial area on a 1.5-hectare site

Construction of Ligao City Town Center

Redesigning of old market site into a modern town center

  • Phase I - On-going construction of 2-storey commercial building with approx. 4,000 sq.m. floor area
  • Phase II - Construction of 2 modern buildings for wet and dry commodities
  • Phase III - Construction of wastewater facility, parking and delivery area, and mini park

Construction of “AA” Standard Slaughterhouse Wastewater Treatment Facility

Construction of new NMIC-approved slaughterhouse.

Construction of Wastewater Treatment Facility

Construction of major wastewater treatment facility for commercial center.

Construction of Government Center

Restoration of heritage city hall with expansion.

  • Phase I - Construction of a modern 3-storey building extension with skybridge connection at adjoining site
  • Phase II - Restoration and modernizing of old city hall
  • Phase III - Redesigning and construction of facade and grounds

Housing Development Project

Government acquired 5.06-hectare site in a prime location available. Open for terms and conditions.


The City Government of Ligao welcomes collaboration and engagement with
EPZA, DTI, private sector and foreign partners.

Ligao City Development Partners