The Ligao-Oas Water District supplies the potable water requirements of households in the urban barangays and some neighboring lowland barangays.  Potable water in rural barangays are, in turn, obtained from springs developed and maintained by the City Government. There however remain 10 rural and coastal barangays that have no access to piped water due to unavailable spring sources in their areas. These barangays obtain their water supply either from deep wells or artesian wells.

Mt. Mayon, Mt. Masaraga and the Talisay River system are considered the important watersheds of the City’s water resources. New water sources have to be identified in order to assure brighter economic prospects for the City.


Development Needs

Ligao City is highly dependent on spring sources for its potable water supply. Practically more than half of the city’s requirements is obtained from Tres Marias Spring i n Barangay Herera, while the other source is a deepwell in Barangay Binatagan. Both water sources are sensitive to the conditions of the watersheds that recharge them. Hence, it is important that the watersheds are preserved and conserved to ensure sustainable yields.


Goal and Objectives


- To provide adequate and efficient water supply services covering the largest possible areas and serving the highest possible number of residents in the urban and rural areas.


  • To provide water of sufficient quantity and quality to the City in support of its development strategies ;
  • To minimize non-revenue water and improve water utilization within the service areas of Ligao Water District;
  • To protect, preserve and conserve existing water supplies within Ligao particularly springs and groundwater sources to assure sustainable yields;
  • To explore and identify other potential sources of water consisting of springs and groundwater for the residents in the rural areas ; and
  • To tap and develop potential sources to assure adequacy of water supplies to the residential and production zones of the City .



  • Explore, identify and tap other potential sources of water consisting of springs and groundwater;
  • Conduct regular monitoring of the city’s potable water supply sources in terms of yield and quality;
  • LGU to enjoin constituents to conserve water through IEC campaigns; and
  • LGU to enjoin constituents to protect watersheds and all possible potable water supplies through IEC campaigns.
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